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Our Purpose

The primary purpose of planting any church is to develop a community that grows and matures believers who in turn are prepared to take the gospel to the world they live in. This means our plans need to point specifically in that direction. Discipleship is the word we use to describe this process.

At Fellowship Potsdam, we have identified a process of discipleship that moves people in a practical, but simple direction. “Sow-Grow-Go” is our simple way of summing it up and here is how we describe it.

Sow – This is where the Gospel seed is sown and is the entry point into our church community. Here is how we get to know one another and have the opportunity to respond in faith to the preaching of the Gospel. This can also include our Sunday morning services, meeting together for a meal or coffee, an outreach event or anything that introduces a person to the Gospel of faith in Jesus Christ.

Grow – After a seed is sown and takes root, it’s time to create conditions in which it can grow. New and existing believers learn to follow Jesus by serving in environments such as the morning worship service or attending a discipleship group. This starts moving people towards spiritual growth.

Go – When a seed is grown towards maturity, it is ready to produce the fruit that it was created for. A mature believer is ready take advantage of the environment that God has prepared for them and utilize what they have learned through their growth to create opportunities to take other people through the process of “Sow, Grow, Go.”

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